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If I get a flower tattoo, I want the petals to be delicate like the ones on her upper arm. Love the softness of that look. Sexy and beautiful and classic. Also, I want a facial dermal


When people ask me what my style is there's no other way to describe it besides indie scene even though I hate labels

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Lavender lilac purple pastel hair It would be cool to have this hair color for a day


The (Early) 1990s: An Era of Cross Colours, Vanilla Ice and Distinction

Grunge fashion was inspired by rock music combining punk with inexpensive fabrics. This was a popular fashion style in the Grunge Hipster)

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There are 4 tips to buy this t-shirt: sunglasses black nirvana band band ring tattoo nail polish tank top muscle tee singlet cropped cropped tee shirt clubmasters tank top band band band merch kurt cobain dave krist jewels.