Repurposed Men's shirt into pillow - Found on ricicla.

DIY wine bag.  Maybe not for him - maybe just steal his old shirts!!!

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TOO CUTE - DRESS SLEEVER WINE BAGS! Great bottle packaging idea and so simple to do. Does not include a How To by erin ~ I just cut two of Rob's shirts into short sleeves.

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And here's a library/church tote for the boys: Turn a Men’s Shirt/Tie into a Tote (aka: little boy church bag)

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As a gift = Wrap a bottle of wine using old shirt sleeves and a pair of cuff links. No directions but if I were making this I would just cut the shirt sleeve, make a hem, add a pair of cuff links and there ya go.

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how to make a man's shirt into an apron, diy apron from old shirt, How to Make Men's Dress Shirt Apron, DIY Apron From An Old Shirt

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My Own Road: Button Down Rehab Day The Button Down Bib (with free pattern!

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How to Upcycle and old Men's Shirt into a baby Sleepsack

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DIY "floating collar" Just buy a men's button up from goodwill and snip off the collar, ta da!

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use old men's shirts to make cocktail napkins

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