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an artichoke sitting on top of a white plate
Carciofi alla Romana (Roman Style Artichokes) | Gianni's North Beach
Gianni (from North Beach, SF) shows me how to make artichokes like those in the Jewish Ghetto of Rome!
an old train trestle sitting on the side of a lake next to some trees
riserva Tevere Farfa - Nazzano
a small tree grows in between the rocks on top of a cliff face, with another plant growing out of it
villa di Nerone- anzio -
the trees are reflected in the still water
riserva Tevere Farfa - Nazzano
there are rocks that have been washed into the water
villa di Nerone- anzio -
the view from top of a mountain looking down at an ocean and beach below it
Settemuse Lazio
Sabaudia, Italy
a large body of water surrounded by lush green hills and trees on a sunny day
Avviso di reindirizzamento
Lago di Martignano-close to Rome!
a body of water surrounded by trees and mountains on a sunny day with blue skies
Paesi sul Lago di Vico
Lago di Vico
an old building with steps leading up to it
Encore! Life
Italy - Lazio - Bagnoregio (Viterbo) - Chiesa di San Donato | by © jan 1968
an old church with steps leading up to it and a cross on the front door
Fotografia Santuario SS. Trinità - (vicino Lago del Salto)
Italy - Lazio - Fiamignano (Rieti) - Santuario SS. Trinità - di Maria Juncu
an old stone church with a clock tower on the front and side wall, surrounded by greenery
Fotografia Chiesa di Santa Maria a Fiume
Italy - Ceccano (Frosinone) - Chiesa di Santa Maria a Fiume - by Roberto di Molfetta
a white plate topped with pasta covered in sauce and parmesan cheese next to a fork
Spaghetti alla carbonara - For 4 persons - Easy - Ingredients: 400 g spaghetti - 200 g "guanciale" of pork (not bacon) - 4 eggs - 60 g grated Parmigiano Reggiano - 30 g grated Pecorino cheese - 40 g butter - extra-virgin olive oil - salt and pepper
a white plate topped with potatoes and meat covered in toppings on top of it
Pomodori con il riso
Tomatoes with rice - For 4/6 persons - 90 minutes - Easy Ingredients: 8 large ripe tomatoes - 10 tablespoons of rice (for risotto) - 1 kg of potatoes - plenty of parsley and basil - 50 gr. pecorino cheese - cloves of garlic – extra-virgin olive oil - salt and pepper
an old book with drawings on it and some other things in the pages, including a fireplace
Etruscan Architecture