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a river running through a lush green forest next to a rocky cliff covered in flowers
Anapo river - Pantalica - Sicily
two boats floating in the water near an island
L'isola delle correnti si trova all'estrema punta della Sicilia meridionale, località Portopalo di Capo Passero
a sandy beach with clear blue water on a sunny day
Una discarica abusiva vicino alla spiaggia delle Isole delle Correnti | BlogSicilia - Quotidiano di cronaca, politica e costume
Beach of isola delle correnti near Siracusa Sicily
a group of flamingos are standing in the water
Benvenuti in Sicilia
Nature reserve Vendicari, Sicily. #vendicari #sicilia #sicily
the water is crystal blue and clear on this beach
Oasi di Vendicari
the water is crystal clear and there are some buildings in the distance on the other side
Benvenuti in Sicilia
Vendicari (Sr) - Italy - The old "Tonnara" #vendicari #sicilia #sicily
a sandy beach next to the ocean on a sunny day
Beach of Calamosche, Sicily
Beach of Calamosche in the Vendicari Natural Reserve, Sicily.
the city is lit up at night with bright lights on it's buildings and mountains in the background
Etna's Eruption May 2008
Mount Etna Eruption in Riposto; Sicily, Italy
there are many statues on the stairs in this alley
Taormina, Sicily
This is the BEST city to visit!!! BEST memories here: Taormina, Sicily, Province of Messina , Sicily
the stairs are decorated with flowers and people walking down one side, while another is on the other
Thousands of Potted Flowers Form a Grand Design on a Staircase in Sicily
Thousands of Potted Flowers Form a Grand Design on a Staircase in Sicily
colorful painted steps leading up to a building
By Dihzahyners Project – In Beirut, Lebanon 3
Caltagirone, #Sicily: one of the most famous and wonderful stairs in the world...
an image of the back side of a statue
Valle dei templi - Agrigento
Valle dei Templi , Agrigento - Sicily did you know Sicily has more greek temples still standing than anywhere else ?
an outdoor market with lots of vegetables and fruits hanging on the building's side
Market in Messina, Sicily...this appealing outdoor display draws you right on into the shop...
several boats are lined up on the beach
Cefalù (Sicily) maybe in 5 years I will have just decided to open a coffee shop in Sicily and live the rest of my life there.... Or a crossfit gym! Learn to farm. Live off my land.