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Tchoukball on Fire

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In this interview, Janine explains to us what are her task as the Performance director of Tchoukball UK, what are the major obstacles to develop the game in UK, and their plans put in place to overcome those difficulties.


Janine Lesiak, Perfomance Director, Tchoukball UK

Listen to Tchoukball referees, what is the most difficult aspects of the job and why they like it.


Referees' Insights

LIsten to Jane Darnell of Dublin, Ohio, explaining how she get founded to buy more Tchoukball equipment for her PE class


How to Get Tchoukball Equipment in School

Chiara Volonte, president of Italian Tchoukball Federation, explains why a Tchoukball Beach Festival in Rimini, and how to spread out the game of Tchoukball


Tchoukball On Fire

In this interview, Lolo explains how he discovered the sport, why he wanted to start his projects with the game, the goals of ERA93, and what have been the major impacts to the youths who have had the good fortune to attend this adventure.

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Listen up to Chris Huang, of Taiwan, FITB president, about his motivations to promote the game of Tchoukball. Now on Tchoukball on fire

Chris Huang of Taiwan, FITB President.

Listen to Giulia and Fausto and how they promoted the sport in Empoli Italy In this interview, Fausto explains what it takes to develop and promote the game in a country where football (soccer) is the main stream sport. Giulia explains to us, what would be her recommendations for someone who wants to try it.

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Listen to Richard Torok of Old Bridge NJ and his enthusiasm to promote the game of Tchoukball.

Tchoukball in New Jersey, USA

Tchoukball: a game which unites and promotes peace listen to Ismail Waiswa of Uganda

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Steve is the enthusiastic person to take over the USTBA and so far, he has been organizing the USTBA Tchoukball championship, which this year is the second edition with five participating teams. In this interview, Steve explains how he discovered the game, what are his motivations to promote the game, as well as his goals for the next 5 years.

Tchoukball in Boston - USA