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Examples of Interjection:
A part of a sentence representing emotion such as joy, surprise, sadness, etc. and having no grammatical relation to other parts of the sentence is called Interjection. It is mostly seen in informal language. #grammar #english #vocabulary #learnenglish #ielts #englishgrammar #englishteacher #englishvocabulary #englishlanguage
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What Are Interjections? Definition, Use & Examples, Worksheet
A word which expresses the sudden feelings or emotions of the speaker is called as "Interjection". There are may interjections some are listed below.
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example of interjection, sentences
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a poster with instructions on how to use the english speaking skills for speech and spelling
Explanation and Examples of Interjections in English - English Grammar Here
Explanation and Examples of Interjections in English Interjections, express meaning or feeling in a word or two words. They do
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Татьяна Тульчинская
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What Are Interjections? Types of Interjections in English
What are Interjections – And How Do You Use Them? – ESL Buzz
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Forum | . | Fluent LandInterjections in English | Fluent Land
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Interjections in English - English Learn Site
Interjections in English - English Learn Site
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