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a poster with the words, ways to say poor in english and an image of money
Ways to Say 'Poor' in English
be broke, be short of money, live from hand to mouth, make ends meet, tighten one's belt, live from paycheck to paycheck English advanced vocabulary
an image of someone's hairdressing question
Татьяна Тульчинская
Татьяна Тульчинская
a poster with some writing instructions for students to learn how to write and use them
English Grammar (@GrammarUpdates) on X
a poster with instructions on how to use lip fillers for lips and mouth piercings
a poster with some words on it
a poster with the words don't and an image of a book on it
a poster with the words idioms and expressions related to body language on it
Idioms and Expressions Related to Body Language
a poster with instructions to help children learn how to use the rules for their child's activities
Idioms and Expressions Related to Childhood