keep calm and love your dog

Keep calm and love your dog!omg that golden retreiver looks just like mine and i love my dog so much

Impara ad accettare. Non vuol dire rassegnarsi, ma semplicemente non perdere energia dietro a situazioni che non puoi cambiare, remando contro alla serenità della tua giornata.

zo io continuo a dirlo ma qualcuno si ostina a dire stupidaggini.


The loudest sound (noise) is the silence of the one that does not answer.

Life is like a bicycle in order to keep your balance you must keep moving

life is like riding a bicycle. in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving. [love the bike but think it should be the other way around. in order to keep moving, you must keep your balance.

Teach a child to take care of an animal, and you have planted the seed for a better humanity.

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possibile l'impossibile

'The wing structure of a wasp, in proportion to the body weight, isn't meant for flight. The wasp doesn't know, and it flies anyways.