Roy Lichtenstein

Born Oct. 27, 1923 in Manhattan NY. Died Sept. 29, 1997 in Manhattan NY (NYC). Periods: Modern art, Pop art. Education: Ohio State University, Art Students…
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a black and white artwork with geometric shapes on the wall above it is a woman's face
Modern Art & Design Auction | Auction Lots | MutualArt
Roy Lichtenstein, Modern Head #5 (from Modern Head Series)
a black and yellow abstract painting with an image of a woman's face in the center
Modern Art & Design Auction | Auction Lots | MutualArt
Roy Lichtenstein, Modern Head #2 (from Modern Head Series)
an image of the statue of liberty with her hands up in front of her face
#Roy_Lichenstein-I Love Liberty 1982
an image of a painting that looks like it is floating in the water at night
roy lichtenstein | Tumblr
roy lichtenstein | Tumblr
an image of the sun rising over water with red, yellow and blue lines on it
Roy Lichtenstein, Sunrise, 1965, Leslie Sacks Gallery
Roy Lichtenstein - Bobby Kennedy (1968)
Roy Lichtenstein - Bobby Kennedy (1968)
an old comic book cover with a superman flying through the air and texting puff
Puff - Roy Lichtenstein Wallpaper Image
Roy Lichtenstein - Puff!
an abstract painting with musical notes and lines in yellow, red, black and white
Roy Lichtenstein - Modern and Contemporary Editions New York Sunday, November 23, 2008 | Phillips
Roy Lichtenstein - Composition IV (1995)
a painting of a woman's face with multicolored lines
Portrait of a Woman by Roy Lichtenstein, 1979, oil and magna on canvas | Gagosian Gallery
two people sitting on the floor in front of paintings and one person talking to each other
Whaam Roy Lichtenstein at Tate Modern
BBC video--Roy Lichtenstein (59 min.) Watch in class: 1-15:00 & 30-45:00 min.
a drawing of a man in uniform with a thought bubble above his head that says, i am supposed to be a mr belmy what he's like
Roy Lichtenstein - 152 artworks - painting
Mr. Bellamy - Roy Lichtenstein
a cross - stitch pattern of snow and grass in the foreground, with blue sky in the background
Roy Lichtenstein | Landscape with Grass (1996) | Artsy
Landscape with Grass by Roy Lichtenstein, 1996 | Gagosian Gallery
an image of a painting with fruit on the table
Kunst, litografier og serigrafier fra KunstOnlines online butik
Roy Lichtenstein - Still Life with Mirror, 1972.
an abstract painting with red, yellow and blue colors on it's face next to a white wall
A Dilettante Twice Retired
thunderstruck9: Roy Lichtenstein (American, 1923-1997), Female Figure, 1978. Oil and magna on canvas, 60 x 40 in.
an old comic book cover with a plane in the air and flames coming out of it
Roy Lichtenstein 1923–1997. Roy Lichtenstein 'Whaam!', 1963 © Estate of Roy Lichtenstein ... Roy Lichtenstein born 1923 [- 1997]. American Pop artist; painter, ..