Transform ordinary cauliflower into soft and delicious tortillas. This recipe boggles my mind, and it works as a healthy stand-in for most tortilla-based recipes. Try it you will like it!

Cauliflower Tortillas

Cauliflower Tortillas (Paleo, Grain Free, Gluten Free) by Slim Palate. Warm and soft homemade grain free tortillas made with cauliflower.

cannellonis d'aubergine

Cannellonis d’aubergine à l’agneau

cheesecake salata mortadella e pistacchi senza cottura

Cheesecake salata mortadella e pistacchi senza cottura

Fingerfood - cheesecake salata mortadella e pistacchi senza cottura

Fig sandwich

Croissant sandwiches with pesto, rucola, figs and prosciutto. I use fig jam and spinach instead of figs and rucola (because it's easier/more available), and it's delicious. My fiancé loves it and it's super easy.

rotolini di zucchine girelle di zucchine

Girelle di zucchine saporite

Zucchini Swivels with Ham,Eggs and Cheese - A nice starter.Try it with Egglant.

Mini cheesecakes "alla caprese"

Mini cheesecakes "alla caprese" aux rondelles de tomates fraîches et fromage…

Bacon-Wrapped Bourbon Figs:   12 dried Calimyrna figs.  1/4 cup bourbon.  1 (2- to 4-oz.) wedge Gorgonzola cheese, cut into 24 pieces.  24 pecan halves, toasted.  12 fully-cooked bacon slices, cut in half crosswise.  Wooden picks.

Bacon-Wrapped Bourbon Figs

Recipe: Bacon-Wrapped Bourbon Figs For bacon-wrapped bliss, turn to these inventive small bites featuring some of our favorite Southern staples.

Antipasto coccinelle: pomodorini e olive “disegnano” un piatto simpatico e appetitoso

Cherry tomatoes and black olives make cute lady bugs. Base is made up of sliced bagettes, cream cheese, smoked salmon and flat leafed parsley. Sprinkle ground black pepper on tomato and using a toothpick dot some cream cheese on the olives for the eyes.

Bastoncini di patate e formaggio

Bastoncini di patate e formaggio Ideal acrescentar sal na massa de batata

Panna cotta salata al parmigiano e pepe bianco, con tartare di salmone affumicato e crumble di taralli

Panna cotta salata* al parmigiano e pepe bianco, con tartare di salmone…