What's Here The token system was the first behavior management plan I designed for primary grade students, and the popularity of this system continues to astound me!  I posted it on my website many years ago and had no idea just how well it would resonate with other educators.  There are literally hundreds of teachers…

The World’s Easiest Token System for Behavior Management

World's Easiest Token System--simple method for showing kids you appreciate their good choices without using tangible rewards. This sounds like a really good idea for a reward system.

Love this.... Telling Time

Flower Clock Number Labels

[Learning Time] I saw this idea and HAD TO HAVE one.so I pulled out my Cricut & this is what I came up with.


Girl w/bunch of balloons - Pierre d'Art de Pebble Beach Pictures Up Up par PumpkinandParsnip

Actividades para Educación Infantil: EXPERIMENTO: ruedas para mezclar colores

Wow for the mini scientist. How to make your own colour spy glass out of card stock and coloured cellophane. I love this idea to teach colours. Great for light box play as well.

Ved utgangen av dagen

I like this traffic light behaviour management chart because it helps students with self-regulation. When children are misbehaving or make a bad choice, they will move their peg down a level. They will also have the chance to move up a level if their beha

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If you make a mistake, apologize. If leaving or returning, greet. If someone is sad, make him smile

kids felt Christmas tree

Christmas Obsession: Ideas for kids! (Felt Christmas tree that a toddler can decorate over and over without using the real tree)

Un giorno un'insegnante chiese

Quello che metti nella vita degli altri tornerà a riempire la tua.