Ernst Knam Pasticcere di fama Internazionale Devo fare i miei complimenti per i prodotti che ho avuto modo di degustare. Rispecchiano a pieno le caratteristiche che ci si aspetta da un ingrediente come la mandorla. Di rado capita di provare certe emozioni... Grazie

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I had the pleasure of tasting the almond paste Sweetjewels, and I can tell you to be honored. Taste well identified, right consistency and a gentle reminder to the palate of the past!

Your products are of high quality and have a refined taste, tasting them to my personal taste I prefer the natural ones, with much pleasure you deserve an 8.

In sampling the sweet almond SweetJewels I remembered sensations and especially structures tasted sweet as a child. The great value of those sweet lies in the fact that they are not "perfect" perfection tends to endorsing standards as a result the whole, I would say that the vote we can give them a whole is 8 with a preference for the natural.

Almond Paste: The first thought was emotional and childlike lightness aroma so sweet The thing of the past even if my memories are different but equal, Bravi Bravi

What to say about these products, a 10 at all. Finally, I ate some products of this type really sensational. Each of them gives me different emotion only.I always look for something to make me get up from the chair and you are there succeeded. I hope you continue on this path. The quality always pays off over time. As I always say to my colleagues NEVER GIVE UP. Big congratulations to all of you are able to bring in one bite all the greatness of your land. Chapeaux.

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