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a lamp that is sitting on top of a wooden stand with a tree in it
Cyan Design unique decorative objects and accessories for vibrant interior design.
a white light hanging from a ceiling with a bird on it's back end
Feeling Chirpy! (Siéntete alegre) - DecoPeques
Feeling Chirpy lamp (Siéntete alegre) #kidsdecor
two lamps that are next to each other on a shelf in a room with black walls
Get Amazed with The Lighting Designs of Aqua Creations 2008 – Modern Home Decor
Love the way the light wraps around in this space. These lighted vessels remind us of beautiful catipillars hanging out. :+)
a white ball with a light in the middle
L’interview flash – Xiral Segard
a lamp that is sitting on top of a wooden table next to a light bulb
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five light bulbs hanging from the ceiling
Pil hanging light by Tim Wigmore of designtree. Made with hand turned logs (FSC - certified) from NZ Southland forest and artisan blown glass.
two pictures one with a lamp and the other with a laptop
Lamps by Giles Godwin-Brown The Nepa Lamp is made from birch plywood with stainless steel and aluminium detailing, it uses 12v to illuminate the high-powered LEDs. Standing about 6ft high, the lamp is wall mounted and uses friction hinges along with a pivot in the base to enable a full range movement.
an image of a plant in a vase on a table with the caption biotera lamp planter a creative table lamp design that doubles a planter
Biosfera Lamp
Biosfera Lamp - Design Milk
some lights that are on the side of a wooden floor in front of a building
Modern Lighting, Ceiling Fans, Furniture & Home Decor |
*outdoor lighting, landscape design, urban design, decks* - Frame Floor Lamp - B.Lux -
a man is holding several lights in one hand and an electric light in the other
Sticker Lamp Design: Just Peel & Stick It To Your Wall For Light | Bit Rebels
Sticker Lamp Design: Just Peel & Stick It To Your Wall For Light
a small glass horse on top of a table
a red light that is on top of a white pole and next to it are two tubes
30 Unusual and Fun Lamp Designs
30 Unusual and Fun Lamp Designs ♪ ♪ ... #inspiration_diy GB
an abstract photo of a curved object on the wall with light coming from it's side
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"Mesmeri" wall lamp designed by Eric Sole for Artemide, 2005.
two wooden cubes with lights on them sitting on the floor next to each other
Brecce Collection Fuorisalone Milano 2013
four pictures showing different stages of candle lighting with birds flying around the branches and candles in them
Cool Gadgets Galore candle light shadow wall lamp (interior design, home decor, amazing, awesome, beautiful, candle, sculpture, silhouette, art, metal, image, projected, cool)