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a woman is sitting on the floor with her hands in a container and looking down at something
Yuka Otani
A Rhode Island School of Design graduate, Otani has been experimenting with clear materials for quite some time. Inspired by glass, water, melted sugar, and light, Yuka Otani loves the elusiveness of the materials, and how they are poised for change.
a woman standing next to a yellow table with a laptop on it's top
Prototyping the Domestic Environment by RISD Students
ultimate space save! a stool, coffee table, work area - all in one...major love!
a wooden object hanging from strings in a room with white walls and flooring on the ceiling
15 Gift Ideas for Designy Dudes
Adam Cornish Design Wooden Hammock \\\ $5,500
a wooden rocking chair sitting on top of a white floor
Rocker Cradle
Love love love this. (even with the 15K price tag)!! Rocker Cradle | DudeIWantThat.com
an apple sitting on top of a clear glass table with sheered fabric around it
Illusion Side Table - Clear
Side & End Tables - Illusion Side Table - Clear
several wooden chairs lined up on the floor in an empty room with no one around them
several wooden chairs are lined up in a row on the floor, and one is empty
10 Contemporary Artists Who Use Furniture as a Medium
Public seating redefined - work by Yvonne Fehling & Jennie Peiz design studio
a woman sitting in a chair with her back to the camera
The Narrative of Making: Rethinking Soft Materials
The Stretch Lounge by Michelle Dunbar evolves through use. When people are sitting in it, the lounge stretches, and hidden colors are revealed through the knitted textile. It is made for two people to sit in it, creating an interaction between the seated and the chair itself.
a plastic chair with pink and purple fringes on the back, sitting in front of a white background
RISD Students Rethink Soft Furniture at ICFF - Interior Design
RISD Students Rethink Soft Furniture at ICFF -- outdoor Article ideas for Best Of Modern Design
a wooden chair with a hole in the back
A Tage Frid Tripod Stool