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a forest with lots of trees and leaves on the ground
Freedom Found In Surrender | (By J-W v. E. )
a swing hanging from a tree with leaves on the ground in front of it,
"Imajte hrabrosti živjeti za ljubav..."
---- it just whispers..."Come. Sit."
an empty road surrounded by trees and bushes
Life is Beautiful
a white flower sitting on top of a lush green field under a rain soaked sky
E piove...pensieri sulla pioggia
Pensieri, citazioni e poesie sulla pioggia
a yellow flower sitting on the ground next to a brick wall with an inspirational quote about never never give up
Ho visto un fiore giallo nato in una strada dentro una fessura in mezzo al marciapiede un cane che passava curioso l'ha annusare chiedendosi cos'era quel "coso" sconosciutooooo un fiore di città non ha trovato un prato
a small white flower sitting on top of a tree branch in the middle of a forest
Bonobo Power
looking up at tall trees in the forest
f o r e s t
a person's hand holding a yellow object in the sand on top of a beach
Non puoi mai sapere quello che troverai. Non solo in fondo al mare! #dating #single #edarlingitalia
there is a cave in the middle of this river
Beautiful Nature
some red flowers are in the middle of an open field with water droplets on them
a close up view of a leaf with water droplets on the leaves and it's surface
Although it is old and no longer serves its it purpose is beautiful still and therefore has a new and different purpose - Crystal .. remember you are always important no matter what.
many ladybugs are sitting on the green leaves
Ladybug Family
some blue berries are growing on a tree branch
an ocean view with waves crashing on the beach