Stack of colorful mats... fun for a playroom and makes for easy slumber parties!

Simple stack of multiple fabric-covered foam pads. makes a cushy "sofa" in the playroom, and can be pulled apart for multiple sleepover guests, movie night pillows, or tumbling games, etc. (they have fabric covered foam mattresses at Jysk)

Shopping bag art for my closet. I have a Louis Vuitton bag I got in Paris and plenty of Coach bags I can't seem to throw away. Now all I have to do is frame them and place them in my closet. So cute!

Cute idea for a walk in closet! Frame shopping bags as closet art.reason to keep those shopping bags!


Adorable Potting Shed! Pretty green garden shed with window box and table made out of a pink vintage sewing machine base - so pretty!

banchetto frutta

DIY kids grocery store/market place - I don't have space for the whole thing but the scale gives me ideas!

create your own layered food display tutorial

Make Your Own Plate Stand for $5

DIY Tiered Plate: Supplies for a {Chic} Tiered Stand; Plates (one large, one small); Threaded Rod (found at Lowe's on hardware aisle); 4 Nuts (that fit your threaded rod)

love this idea for a kids playroom

Fun play area for kids, especially like roll of craft paper on table for drawing and painting.


Easter Decoration and Crafts- Egg Planters. Eggshells as planters. table setting for holidays, spring, easter.