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a woman sitting on the edge of a boat wearing white pants and black blazer
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Monica Vitti at Cannes film festival, photographed by Jack Garofalo, 1968 -2
the cover of george orwell's book, 948 with two blue eyes
George Orwell's 1984: A Visual History
I don't worry as much about Big Brother anymore. It's all the little brothers out there that worry me. It will turn out that it will be the glut of information about each of us that will protect us. We will be able to get lost in the pile. Are you reading this BB? Or LB?
an old book with the title women written on it
25 Awesome Minimalist Book Covers
JENNY- This book cover uses constrained visual language to highlight the themes of 'women' in the novel. The background of the book cover is in a textured in a light moron colour created a feminine and classic appeal to the design. The simple use of an outline of a woman's leg visually highlight the ideas of women and femininity in the novel.
a book with an image of two people holding hands
an old cookbook with the title cooking to kill written in white on red paper
Recipes for disaster
an old book with the words metamorosis written in different languages on it
Good read