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an image of a group of people playing music
an image of three monkeys in jail with a man sitting on the bench behind them
an illustration of two people standing in front of a window
an advertisement for strega with a woman on a broom
L'illustrazione di Manuele Fior per i 70 anni del Premio Strega
the storyboard shows an image of two people walking down a street at night
NGM on X
(15) celestia manuele fior - Twitter Search / Twitter
a painting of a man sitting on top of a bench
a man sitting on top of a building next to a pile of books with birds flying overhead
Una certa idea di mondo – I migliori cinquanta libri che ho letto negli ultimi dieci anni, Alessandro Baricco
a painting of children playing in the grass near water and trees with birds flying overhead
Manuele Fior
a painting of a person walking in the snow
I fumetti di Manuele Fior
Copertina di Siberia reloaded 2016, dei Diaframma. L’album è una versione aggiornata di Siberia, il primo disco del gruppo uscito nel 1984. Siberia reloaded 2016 uscirà il prossimo autunno. - (Manuele Fior)
a painting of mountains with snow on them
Deserti 2020
a painting of a man standing in the middle of a tunnel between two large rocks
Deserti #3, 2020
Manuele Fior
a painting of a woman in a dress and hat walking across a field with her hand on her head
Manuele Fior