Petit Cabinet de Curiosites~ by anna jung design. Gyspy art! Twigs arranged for this moment reinforce how structurally secure branches are and tell us to go ahead and just live completely in this moment.

Environmental art: Bronwyn Berman beach weaving - The wave land art installation great texture ,shape and use of natural materials.

Kids DIY Dream Catcher

DIY Dream Catchers

Dream catchers are a beautiful gift and one children love to make (hopefully dad will love them too! These are a great opportunity for kids to practice tying, threading and binding.

5 Ceramic Leaves Wall Hanging with Bird, Made with Real Leaves, by SallysClay, $28.00

RESERVED for Jennifer - Ceramic Leaves Wall Hanging with Bird - Made with Real Leaves - Clay Decorative Wall String - Leaf Rope

Butterflies are Free Windchime

Butterflies are Free Windchime Sound - Windchimes - Windspiele - Carillón de…

Autunno fai-da-te: idee per utilizzare foglie, rametti, ghiande e pigne

Autunno fai-da-te: idee per utilizzare foglie, rametti, ghiande e pigne

How-To: Leaf-Imprinted Clay Necklace

Leaf-Imprinted Clay Necklace: Small leaves Polymer clay and roller, possibly a clay cutter depending on your design idea Jump ring and chain Optional acrylic paint and sealer (like Sculpey Gloss Glaze)

L’incisione delle foglie: l’arte dell’artista spagnolo Lorenzo Duran -

'Lorenzo Duran - uses traditional paper cutting to carve designs into leaves' this has given me the idea to use the technique using a craft knife to create this piece of art.

Amazing leaf cut-outs by Spanish artist Lorenzo Duran. He uses leaves as the canvas for his cutaway art. After washing and drying the leaf, he carefully cuts away segments to create beautifully detailed art.