Kitchen: I like these pulls. Not necessarily these- but I tend to like subtle pulls and cabinet hardware. I do NOT like center pulls or handles. I like them on the upper part of the cabinet.


Vertical Blind System Silent Gliss///////Dedicated to deliver superior interior acoustic experince.

Unit ceramic furniture, designed by Birgitte Due Madsen and Jonas Trampedach

designdelicatessen - Kähler - Unit ceramic furniture - off white - Kähler Design

gravita block by studio lievito

Great way of using the simplified functional shapes of the implements and high quality materials to create a very attractive product.

west elm | origami coffee table $400

West Elm Origami - The West Elm Origami Coffee Table takes visual inspiration from the Japanese art of paper folding. Supported by a light-weight, geometric frame, th.

Futuristic Luggage: Sleek, Space-Age Bags and Briefcases by Jerome Olivet

Futuristic Luggage

Design guide surfaces- Sleek, Space-Age Bags and Briefcases by Jerome Olivet

Lacquered paper objects by Nendo is a series of small containers created using a 3D printer that cuts, stacks and pastes sheets of paper one...

Lacquered paper objects designed by Nendo is a series of small containers…

Tony Marsh #ceramics

Tony Marsh — Still Life, Perforated Vessel Series, close-up. 2007 click/touch to SEE the gorgeous pattern of holes