Travel teapot set + bag by Motor Design

Travel teapot set and bag

Aqua Culture vases by Kinto

'Aqua Culture' vase, large

Explore the 'Aqua Culture' Vase from Kinto. Order now at WallpaperSTORE*.

‘Gassan’ centrepiece bowl by Hands on Design

‘Gassan’ centrepiece bowl

Hands On Design Gassan’ Centrepiece Bowl By Giulio Iacchetti

Beauty and the east. Discover more at

Discover the best of Asian design for living, tabletop, workspace, and lifestyle at WallpaperSTORE*

'Suiren' deep plates by Time & Style

'Suiren' deep plate

Explore the Suiren Deep Plate from Time and Style. Shop now at WallpaperSTORE*.

Cushioned cases by Siwa

Cushioned case, medium

Explore the Ipad Mini Cushioned Case from Siwa by Naoto Fukasawa.

Three-layer containers by Metrocs

Three-layer container, small

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'Farm' 2017 calendar by Good Morning Inc.

Explore the ‘Farm’ 2017 Calendar Craft Kit from Good Morning Inc.

'Kotori' jug by Hands on Design

‘Kotori’ jug

Hands On Design Kotori’ Jug By Shiina + Nardi Design

'Gusoku' 9 incense holders by Nousaku

'Gusoku' 9 incense holder

'Colour' bins by Karimoku New Standard

'Colour' bin, large

Find the Colour Bin Medium from Karimoku New Standard by Scholten and Baijings. Shop at WallpaperSTORE*.

iPad Air and iPhone sleeves by A.M Ideas

iPad Air sleeve

Offset your super hi-tech gadgets with a little sustainably produced, hand-sculpted rush grass. Yep, it’s an iPad Air Sleeve, and there’s iPhone Pouch too.

'Plain-paper' notebooks by Hightide

'Plain paper' notebook

Shop the Plain Paper Notebook from Hightide. Shop now at WallpaperSTORE*.

Apple watch 'Dock' by Native Union


Apple watch 'Dock' by Native Union