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an old stone oven with a bench in it
a woman standing in front of a stone oven filled with breads and pastries
a man is cooking food in an outdoor oven with bread on the table and other items around him
Belen napolitano, Cuenca.
a woman standing in front of a house with pots on the outside and stairs leading up to it
a painting of some people and animals in an old town setting with stone walls, arched doorways and doors
the nativity scene is displayed in an old - fashioned setting with stone walls and arched doorways
Foto – Presepi e Diorami
an old brick and stone building with two doors on the outside, and one door in the inside
a model of an old building with stairs and people in the doorway, on display
43�convegno nazionale
a model of a house made out of clay
a model of an old stone building with a small bridge over the water in front of it
Presepe Más Más
an old brick building with a horse statue next to it and another figurine in the foreground
Pueblo y portal "Deluxe" (Ref. 5702)