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We Are Complicated: Letto con Pallet / Bancali: Costruzione e Consigli...

We Are Complicated: Letto con Pallet / Bancali: Costruzione e Consigli.

MOLGER Panca - marrone scuro - IKEA 33 euro

MOLGER Bench - dark brown - IKEA This might be a helpful solution to the shoes by the door. It won't hold all your shoes, but you could swap them out by season and keep a couple pairs on the ledge below the bench.

IKEA - HOVET, Specchio, , Si può appendere orizzontalmente o verticalmente.Con pellicola di sicurezza: riduce il rischio di danni in caso di rottura del vetro.Accessori di montaggio inclusi: evitano che lo specchio, se è inclinato contro la parete, scivoli sul pavimento. 93 euro

IKEA - HOVET, Mirror, , Can be hung horizontally or vertically.Safety film reduces damage if glass is broken.Mounting fixtures are included to prevent the mirror from sliding on the floor when leaning against a Height: 77 " Width: 30 "wall.

IKEA - KVIKNE, Guardaroba con 2 ante scorrevoli, 120 euro

IKEA - KVIKNE, Wardrobe with 2 sliding doors , Sliding doors allow more room for furniture because they don’t take any space to open.Customize the space with the adjustable shelf.If you want to organize inside, you can complement with interior access