Le stelle sono troppe. La luna è una sola.

Sion howled, his breath harnessing a scorching fire as his fur began to glow with the power of the elemental wolf. The prophecy had finally begun.

Cat Art... =^. ^=... ❤... "Orion" By Artist Apofiss deviantART....

as requested ( once more again ) a full HD wallpaper version based on 'Orion' .painted in more clouds/environment to fit a wide screen, enjoy :}.

Butterfly in the Stars by nakanoart.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

A speed drawing for the "Daily Spitpaint" group of my OC Taylor, and a trusty animal companion. I took some extra time to tweak the values afterward ^^ . Butterfly in the Stars

The wolf population dropped dramatically . In one year as many as wolves were killed . Ref : International Wolf Org .