Paper mosaics Kids Craft DIY Construction Paper

2 Colorful Creations to brighten winter days Paper mosaics Kids Craft DIY Construction Paper Need excellent tips on arts and crafts?

Sweet and elegant but simple idea for a kid centric winter scene card ;

From my family to yours – Happy Thanksgiving!     Credit:   Create this by using dollar store glasses and sticker letters. Fill with cinnamon sticks, pine cones and acorns. … Credit: The Pink Ink Doodle   … Credit: Acroma Cucina . … . … Credit: Hostess Blog … . … Credit: Sties Thoughts … … Credit: Amy – New Nostalgia … …   Credit:...

Great Thanksgiving Recipes and Craft Ideas

Abbiamo cercato, selezionato e raccolto alcuni lavoretti per i bambini: oltre a essere molto originali e divertenti da realizzare, non richiedono alcun dottorato in ingegneria...

Lavoretti per bambini: i più originali e divertenti da realizzare

Bottom of a 2 liter, paint a trunk/branch/stems/whatever, colored paint for petals and BOOM! Better art than that crap IKEA painting everyone else and their mother has in their living room!

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Decorazione Pasqua pulcino 3D da appendere

Decorazione Pasqua pulcino 3D da appendere

abecedaire handlettering

Alphabet Octave, a font using musical notes as a style. This become a gorgeous work of art when you see the letters form words close up.