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a room with wooden walls and lots of jars on the wall next to a blue stool
Alpe Pragas
interior, lifestyle,food, recipe, house, architecture, wood, people, mountain, lake, braies
an open door leading to another room with blue doors on the walls and carpeted floor
Licata, Sicilia
architecture, doors, blue, interior, travel
a stack of folded towels sitting on top of a stool next to a round window
A matter of love
interior, mountain, architecture, people, lifestyle, Cortina
a kitchen with an oven, stove and shelves on the wall above it is decorated in dark blue tones
Homewood, interior, kitchen, recipe, food, people, reportage
folded blankets and books sit on a shelf
Living in Puglia
bedroom, people, reportage, interior, architecture, Puglia, summer
a bedroom with brick walls and white bedding, an iron frame table and clothes hanging on the wall
Living in Puglia
bedroom, interior, Puglia, reportage, architecture, summer
an empty swimming pool with lounge chairs next to it
Livig in Puglia
Home, architecture, interior, Puglia, travel, house
the front cover of house of the rising sun, featuring wooden posts and an antler
House of the rising sun
Interior, house, architecture, mountain, issue, modern rustic. Ph.Stefania Giorgi
a spiral staircase is seen from the bottom down it's handrail and railings
Stockholm Ph. Stefania Giorgi Theillusionist. Photo
a chair with some flowers in it and a birdcage hanging from the back
Stefania Giorgi Photography
an old wooden box with a glass in it that says producto italiano on the side
Glass. Stefania Giorgi Photography
an image of a woman on a screen in a dark room with blue light coming from the ceiling
Stefania Giorgi Photography
a bed sitting on top of a wooden floor next to two large windows in a room
Stefania Giorgi Photography
a wooden table with two black bowls on it in front of a large light fixture hanging from the ceiling
NYC. Stefania Giorgi Photography
a bunch of bags sitting on the ground next to a set of stairs and handrails
Fabbrica. Stefania Giorgi Photography