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two jars filled with pickles sitting on top of a green cloth next to a tag
Food, recipe, reportage olive oil,
a stack of chocolate chip cookies tied to a white plate next to a glass of milk
Molino Pasini
food, recipe, cookies, reportage, lifestyle
a person holding a bowl filled with sliced mushrooms
ingredients, homemade, food, recipe,
two bowls filled with food sitting on top of a blue plate next to each other
Easter, food, recipe, homemade, cooking
some green leafy vegetables are on a blue surface
Honestly good
di Csaba dalla Zorza, book, food, recipe, reportage
a person holding a tray with some food on it
Summer lunch at the pink house
Food, lifestyle, reportage, recipe, homemade, interior, summertime
a woman in black and white holding a plate with some blue dishes on top of it
Pottery, recipe, homemade, people, interior, food
two blue plates topped with pastries next to a cup of coffee
Tortino alle Nocciole
Food, Reportage, Recipe, cake, homemade
a woman holding a blue bowl with utensils in it and her hands on the side
Food, recipe, pottery, people
a person holding a stack of cookies on top of a white cloth in their hands
Food, recipe, bread, people, repotrage, white.
Advertising: client Alpepragas Grazing Cow, Lake, Fir Tree
Food, recipe, people, lunch,
four slices of lemon on a blue plate
Ricotta cheese
Food, cheese, vegetarian, blue, recipe
Winter, people, recipe, reportage mountain, eggs, snow
White winter
Winter, people, recipe, reportage mountain, eggs, snow
Winter, food, recipe, reportage, snow, people, winter
White winter
Winter, food, recipe, people
a woman holding a bowl filled with food next to an advertisement for the sea inside
The sea inside
Food, sea, winter, recipe, reportage