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1 note = 1 pixel for your fandom’s symbol (shown above) in an art piece I'm making If you would like to see all of the fandoms, look through these posts IF YOU DON’T SEE YOUR FANDOM, send me a message.


This same exact idea was spread around right before Season 3 premiered and its still just as stupid as ever. Please don't do this, if ratings go down and if there is no general reaction from fans its going to hurt the show very badly.

I don't really like the term fangirl. It makes me sound like an overly obsessed girl who would stalk or chase Tom, Benedict, or any actor. I respect my favorite actors as human beings. if I ever met them in real life, I'd be polite and would respect them.

Pin it if he was your first too

Chris will always have a special place in my heart. And honestly I think every Doctor will.<<< Chris Eccleston is my favourite doctor.

What?!! What?!! Why?!!! Why would you even...I can't...I don't even...WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?! What if its true?!?

New headcanon: Rose had Ten's baby. << secondary headcanon: this needs a fic in which said child goes to find the Doctor. And said child may or may not be a Time Lord.

It sounds like theseare not Nine, Ten or Eleven saying goodbye but Christopher, David and Matt

Doctor Who Last lines. Did anyone else notice Matt looking directly at the camera as he said, "I will always remember when the Doctor was me" . Just thought I'd accidentally make everything hurt even worse.

"I want everyone who thinks Matt was one of the best Doctors we have had. If you think he is amazing, talented, beautiful. Re-blog this. And maybe, just maybe, BBC tumblr will find it and show him that no, he was not a joke. He was our Doctor and we will miss him dearly." Matt will always be my Doctor! *cries*

That's so sad. I loved Matt Smith as the Doctor. He was absolutely brilliant! One of the best Doctors. He put everything into being the Doctor and he was beautiful, inspiring, and amazing. I really hope Matt knows what a great Doctor he was.