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Ronen Chen store by Architect Guido Herszage, Tel Aviv – Israel

retail / hangers / nicole hollis / ph: ben mayorga

Bicycle parts desk lamp by Bespoke Spokes | Please subscribe to my weekly newsletter at !#upcycle

Modern, minimalist, industrial or retro style bars / #interiordesign More

This is a super fun idea! You could collect a bunch of different tea cups and saucers at a second hand store and really make it unique. Cute.

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Snag boutique wines and beers at this tiny shop, where local brands like Dos Cabezas Red from Cochise County and Tempe’s Four Peaks Sunbru Kölsch-style ale stand tall. There are only 24 different wines in stock at any given time, but the owners are well versed in all of them, so you really can't go wrong.

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Lighting Design Idea – Wood Crates Painted On The Inside Act As Shades In This Restaurant

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