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Stefano Carnazzi
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Stefano Carnazzi
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Cannabis Indica "WOW LIQUID POT" Those rascals of the early 1900's probably giving this stuff to kids and adults for all types ailments no doubt !

1906 Cannabis Indica Fluidextract Medicine made available by the American Druggist Syndicate in NY. This medicine was made from the flowering tops of cannabis sativa. an indica product made with sativa.

Publicidad sexista años 50/60

If your husband ever finds out you're not "store-testing" for fresher coffee.if he discovers you're still taking chances on getting flat, stale coffee. woe be unto you! For today there's a sure and certain way to test for freshness before you buy.

Show her its a man's world - just one of the 20 Unbelievably Shocking Vintage Ads: What Were They Thinking?

Gentlemen, do you want your woman to bow to you and serve you breakfast It’s easy! Just wear a tie in bed. Preferably a Van Heusen tie, of course. But, as any woman will tell you, any tie in bed is better than no tie at all—What are we?