Nicchia con libreria e alcova per leggere, guardando il paesaggio.

Window benches create a cozy vignette in the room! Also a bay window is a natural spot for a window seat. Window benches provide both extra storage and a place.

now featured on Fab.

Wall Crate by bernice

Country house library

Country house library

Cyril Dhurrie 245x152 Navy Blue, 275€, now featured on Fab.

Cyril Dhurrie Navy Blue, now featured on Fab.

New Google Tel Aviv Office - Tel Aviv, Israele - 2012 - Camenzind Evolution

Designed by Camenzind Evolution, in collaboration with Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal, this office has sqm and occupies 8 floors of the Electra

Heavy Guy Chandelier Black, 89€, now featured on Fab.

Supermarket - Heavy guy chandelier black from MVOS


Twine/rope for dividing rooms.