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a black and white cat with glowing blue eyes
Disney Alice in Wonderland
my attempt at the chesire cat, I always loved the new version of the chesire…
----------- #china #chinese #chinatown Watercolour Art, Koi Painting, Koi Art, Koi, Fish Art, Chinese Painting, Chinese Art, Japan Art, Japan Design
----------- #china #chinese #chinatown
several blue birds flying in the air with watercolor paint on it's wings
Watercolour goldfish. I really like these - I just wish the pin took you through to some artist's website so I could find out who painted them originally... and if I could get a print...
two black and white drawings of cats sitting next to each other
an open book with a drawing of a black cat and a woman in a polka dot dress
Sarah Watts
a painting of a woman with houses on her head and trees growing out of her shoulders
Les Illustrations digitales féeriques de Alexander Jansson
Les Illustrations digitales féeriques de Alexander Jansson (6)
an image of a tree in the forest with light coming from its trunk and leaves on it
Solstice visuals offers waste management
Solstice - Creative Entertainment • The Whimsical Art Of Alexander Jansson
a horse drawn carriage flying through the air next to a body of water with an eagle on it's back
Sans titre
Night Carriage (can't find the actual title of this but the artists is listed as Alexander Jansson)
two strange looking houses floating in the air with lights on them and water around them
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Alexander Jansson
a person with long hair standing in front of a large ball of wire on top of their head
Rebecca Dautremer
Gimme More Bananas: Rebecca Dautremer
a painting of a woman in a red dress sitting on a window sill looking out the window
Rebecca Dautremer – Artwork, Bio, And Analysis of the French Illustrator – Artlex
childrens book illustration,contemporary artists,French artists, graphics, illustration,Rebecca Dautremer 'Cyrano'