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four different images of the same person's hand and their hands with feathers on them
how to
an odd looking green crocheted octopus on a toothbrush with one eye open
These Free Crochet Finger Puppet Patterns Dance on Your Fingertips
10 Finger Puppet FREE Crochet Patterns: Octopus Finger Puppet Free Crochet Pattern
a hand holding a tiny orange cat finger puppet
Sheep Dog's Fleece
Cat finger puppet free crochet pattern, so cute:) #cats #puppets #FingerPuppet
there are many crocheted flowers on top of each other
Curly Wurlies crochet -- I can think of about a dozen things to do with these cute little guys!
a stuffed animal sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white wall and floor
Odd the Octopus
Odd the Octopus
a blue toy is sitting on top of a stick in front of a television screen
Free Octopus Pencil Topper Crochet Pattern
two handmade soap dispensers sitting on top of a table
Teacher Gift Idea--Hand Soap Apple Cozy
Cozies for Apple Soap Dispensers -- Perfect 2-in-1 gift for teachers and neighbors
two crocheted animals on top of pencils in front of a notepad
Ami-matite by Ilaria Caliri
Ami-matite by Ilaria Caliri
a crocheted shark laying on top of a bed
Shark Time Pouch
Shark Time Pouch - free crochet pattern!
three crocheted mouse ears on a table with an open book in the background
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Lesezeichen Maus Neonfarben Filz Leseratte von Woll-KE auf DaWanda.com