stefania fantone

stefania fantone

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Como hacer un sofa o sillon con palets : VCTRY's BLOG

Wall Sculpture Rusty Scavenger Wood Cubes by Orangutate on Etsy, $120.00

reuse old pallets, dumpaday pictures (4)

lamp, put the lamp on a soft felt base, then surround with wood or other materials to cove lamp metal

Outdoor Furniture

Nature Is Filled With The Spirit Of Music... Music Reflects Nature's Highest Emotions !

The beautiful iridescent in dragonfly wings.. like stained glass


Filth Wizardry: Autumn woodland treasure sculptures, these dragonflies and more made using twigs and maple seeds and other found items. It would be fun to give kids a bag and go for a walk to find things to come home and make so fun things. Nature walk and art project all in one. Jennifer Scott via Heather Stump onto Camping Goodness