Reminds me of my Sandy! Miss you Mama Monkey! Rest in Kittie Peace!

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He stops texting you back even though he used to text you first. He’s busy with life and living and excuses.

Chips di zucchine

Chips di zucchine

Chips in aperitivo: dalla patata allo zucchino, ma sempre con sapore…

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This color thooo

Melanzane gratinate al parmigiano

Melanzane gratinate al parmigiano

Melanzane gratinate al parmigiano antipasto


Immagine di girl, grunge, and okaysage

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Dark hair, thick eyebrows and long eyelashes.

Frittelle di patate e cipolle

Frittelle di patate e cipolle

Buffet, Antipasto, More, Focaccia, Gusto, Gabriel, Polenta, Bon Appétit, Fingers

AND THIS IS THE 100TH PIN! Yay! Haha I love Acacia and yea. (U probably knew that already)

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I love her eyelashes ~AS

Brown & Black #7

Dark Brunette and Pale Skin is a winning combination

long bob hair up

Maggie Lindemann

* I try to connect my phone I hear footsteps I don't know where they came from so I look around I don't see a thing*madi?*i ask in a screechy voice-maggie