Stefania Sònia Buosi Moncunill (Legend)

Stefania Sònia Buosi Moncunill (Legend)

Docente e narratrice
Stefania Sònia Buosi Moncunill (Legend)
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This is what i want to see when i call out, "honey, I'm home..."

Dark and creepy // Film is nothing but the trapping of things that are no more. Film is our communion with ghosts. Our pinned butterfly collection.

Venice - Veneto, Italy Pinterest/dogaucak ✨

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HDR shot of Brunelleschi's dome taken from the Cathedral's Bell Tower / Giotto's Campanile, Firenze, Italy Looks a little bit like having the best view out of a prison cell.

El Caminito del Rey, Cañon de los gaitanes, Málaga. Spain

The narrow and rickety Caminito del Rey no longer scary. It was a walkway barely a meter wide that hung over the void, crossed the vertical walls of the gorge Málaga Gaitanes, a few hundred meters above the Guadalhorce river.