Kitty 3 by kam wei at work via #etsy #cat #print

Red Lipstick Gets Sick And Dies Kamwei aka BoAndFriends (Malaysia) - Kitty from The Furry Thing series Drawings

I've been waiting for this picture my whole life

Birth of a spork…

Funny pictures about Birth of a spork. Oh, and cool pics about Birth of a spork. Also, Birth of a spork.


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Se sei un medico..

If you were a doctor and you saw your wife eating an apple a day, I would start…

10250097_632109786868337_145433164161447800_n.jpg (402×206)

10250097_632109786868337_145433164161447800_n.jpg (402×206)

A volte osservo le mie amiche e penso

sometimes i look at my friends and think, they seemed normal when i first met them.

Il Ginocchio o il Reggipetto???

Il Ginocchio o il Reggipetto?