Original Eau de Cologne de 4711

4711 Colonia - Original Eau de Cologne de 4711 - Agua de colonia: perfume - agua de colonia

Eau de Cologne de 4711 - one of the world's oldest fragrance recipes, dating back to Love, love, love. A great Summer fragrance! I use it all year,when I don't won't an overbearing Winter smell.

My grandma had a pair of these Candies ... That's the first thing I would go to as soon as I went to her house!

High Heels Candie's Shoes Vintage 1970's Size 6 Tan Leather With Studs Made in Italy Platforms HOT

Candies shoes - loved these too, although I probably was really too young to wear such s high heel!

Nelsen piatti

I piatti-tti, i piatti-tti, con Nelsen Piatti li vuol lavare lui!

I still smile when I get a whiff of this so many memories associated with this scent....

Patchouli Oil for Acne - Patchouli oil isn't just for hippies. This essential oil contains potent antimicrobial properties that make it an ideal acne treatment. Spot treat your trouble spots at night, or mix with almond oil for an all over moisturizer.

Michiel zet alles op z'n kop (1971) (ook: Emil i Lonneberga), gebaseerd op boeken over Michiel van de Hazelhoeve (vanaf 1963) van Astrid Lindgren. Filmkeuring: alle leeftijden (bron: http://ikvindlezenleuk.blogspot.nl/2012/12/op-televisie-michiel-zet-alles-op-zn-kop.html)

Emil - en dan had hij weer kattenkwaad uitgehaald en moest hij in het…

elastico per i libri di scuola anni '60

elastico per i libri di scuola anni '60

stufa a Kerosene !!!

La stufa a kerosene!