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Millet, cultivated across the world for thousands of years, has unfortunately not received the same publicity and praise. But in South Africa, millet is actually easier to grow than the ‘fancy’ grains we pay premium price for at health stores. It is also, as most grains are, incredibly good for you. Learn about millet in the article below. #grain #millet #pearlmillet #pennisetumglaucum #glutenfree #highinprotein #fibre #calcium


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Straw bale gardening

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Upcycled swingset to chicken coop! All scrap and recycled materials! Urban Backyard style!
Chicken coop made from old swing set frame.


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PLEASE FOLLOW DOWNLOADINGINSTRUCTIONS BELOW We are so very excited to offer Burlap and Blossom patterns by Gracey Larson! Her sweet designs are easy to follow and fun to make! Using traditional quilt designs with simple angles and squares, Gracey walks you through each step to create her fun and whimsy block designs. This pattern is for ONE BLOCK ONLY. What this pattern features: PDF Pattern includes instructions and measurements for 6 inch and 12 inch finished blocks and includes written instru
Peeping Cats Blocks Quilt Blocks Pattern
Pattern, Lemons Quilt Block by Burlap and Blossom (digital download) – The Singer Featherweight Shop

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Pallet wood crate style shelf
Waterproof Bicycle Pannier Boxes

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Celebrate the spirit of supporting local farmers and businesses with the "Not Flown Here, Grown Here" sticker! 🌱🛫 Showcasing the importance of embracing locally sourced produce, this vinyl decal is a must-have for homesteaders, farmers, and farmers market enthusiasts. Stick it proudly on your gear, car, or anywhere you want to make a statement about the value of community-based agriculture. Let's cultivate a sustainable future together! 🚜🌾 #LocalFarmers #BuyLocal #SupportLocalBusiness
#craft #DIY #handmade #homedecor
Support your local Farmer bumper sticker collection by LizzyClara (scheduled via

Grocery Delivery Bike

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How To Make Traditional Switchel (Haymaker's Punch)


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Mini Greenhouse Winter Waterer

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The Plains Indians found medicinal value in more than two hundred species of native prairie plants. Unfortunately, modern American culture has not paid much attention. White settlers did learn a few plant-based remedies from the Indians, and a few prairie plants were prescribed by frontier doctors. A couple dozen prairie species were listed as drugs in the U.S. Pharmacopeia at one time or another, and one or two, like the Purple Coneflower, found their way into the bottles of patent medicine. But in both the number of species used and the varieties of treatments administered, Indians were far more proficient than white settlers. Their familiarity with the plants of the prairie was comprehensive—there probably were Indian names for all prairie plants, and they recognized more varieties of s

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"Yggdrasil (\"World Tree\" or \"Tree of Life\") is a gigantic ash tree that shelters, in its branches and roots, the nine worlds of Nordic cosmology.  Midgard, the tangible world where humans live, is one of these nine worlds: nestled in one of the branches of Yggdrasil, it is only a small part of this rich universe and invisible whole.  - No taxes to pay * - \"Yggdrasil\" Wall décor - Wooden frame - Rustic pine - Handcrafted Materials and finish Our \"Yggdrasil\" designs are made of natural raw wood from certified forests. They are stained and protected with environmentally friendly stains and varnishes made in Quebec (see our quality commitments in the \"About LesGrandsPins\" section). The frames all have a hook on the back, as well as a kraft paper finish and felt pads to prevent damage

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Check out this and more in my July garden tour! #julygarden #gardentour #garden #backyardhomestead #growyourownfood credit@Itsbreellis-ThankYou!
The Half-Acre Homestead: 46 Years of Building and Gardening by Lloyd Kahn, 9780936070810, available at Fast Delivery. 100% Safe Payment. Worldwide Delivery.

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Garden Cat Quilt


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Slavic Books | TheWitchery.Ca
Discover the benefits of the no-till gardening method and learn how to start your own no-till garden. Once you implement these techniques, there is no going back to conventional ways. No-till gardening is a highly effective approach that not only preserves the soil food web and its structure but also helps lock in carbon and contribute to a healthier ecosystem - all while growing an abundance of more resilient plants and potentially even more nutritious food.
Pfeiffer was one of the founders of the biodynamic method of farming, an associate of Rudolf Steiner, and a masterful agricultural researcher. In this book he identifies many uses of weeds. In perhaps a third of it he describes the favored soil type and condition of each weed, thus reading the condition of the soil from the presence of weeds. A third of the book is a very interesting weed herbal. Perhaps the final third is a wonderful essay on gardening by a master.

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The swing mount is strong, easily installed and very convenient contact me for additional shipping details, any questions or custom requests. Tree swing, disc swing, outdoor swing, indoor swing, tree house, tree house, organic rope, disc swing, Große schwarze Schaukel, Grand swing noir, Balançoire, Columpio grande, أرجوحة سوداء كبيرة, high quality, premium quality, bulky rope swing, large adult sized colorful rope swing seat, flax climbing rope, jute climbing rope, white co


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Splitting Up: A Guide To Dividing Your Russian Sage Plants

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NEW PRODUCT!! The new herb stripper in use! We love how easy this piece makes using and preparing our favorite herbs. Just stick the stem of whatever herb you are using through one of the 5 holes (all different sizes based on the herb) and pull it through allowing the fragrant leaves to fall into the dish. Now you can add to your favorite dishes!! 🌿🍲 • • • • • #pottery #handmadeproduct #shoplocal #shopsmallbusiness #herbstripper #summerproduce #summerproduct #tool #productinuse #herbs #healthy


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Tying Wheel John C Campbell Class


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