Bruno Munari's "Xerographies" ca. 1977.

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continuità by bruno munari

bruno munari / not this but this / simple shapes overlap / variation / line + shape

gramatologia: Bruno Munari

AMY TUT Bruno Munari, Guardiamoci negli oochi, Look into my eyes is a constrained series of faces that utilise simplistic graphic elements to show new perspectives.

Bruno Munari sculpture, Casati gallery

This piece retains my attention despite it's incredibly simplistic nature.

Digital Pattern for Montessori Munari Mobile

The Munari Mobile is the first mobile meant to be introduced to infants in the classic Montessori mobile series, and can be introduced from


BRUNO MUNARIposterWoman - Blood - Lines / Hommage á Bruno Munari exhibitionorganised by MATT (Society of Hungarian Graphic Designers and Typographers)Budapest Design Week 2013

iconoclassic:  (via Bruno Munari - All This Talk)

When in Rome I snagged a paperback: Bruno Munari "Design as Art". Its a decent read too. Unlike Paul Rand's academic design.