Messico da sogno!

Scoprite il Messico, fra Piramidi e un mare da favola in compagnia di amici single!
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Some of the funnest nights watching this crazy show getting hammered. All inclusive bar and entertained by dancing midgets, lip syncers and crazy acrobatics - yes please.


5 Mysterious Structures With Creepy Unknown Origins - Absolutely mind boggling!


Coco Bongo Cancun - club - small cover, According to the New York Times, a typical night at Coco Bongo involves gymnasts performing "Cirque du Soleil-style feats," accompanied by "smiling dancers" with each show ending in "an orgasmic burst of confetti.


The civilizations of ancient Egypt and Maya, while separated by thousands of miles and hundreds of years, shared a number of recognizable features. Egypt civilization appears to have begun about .

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