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a book with an image of a woman's face and the words problem in spanish
Il problema della malattia mentale
a book cover with black and white circles
Evoluzione fisica
an image of a clock with numbers on the face and hour faces in different directions
Relatività con le quattro operazioni
a book with an image of people in suits and ties
Psicopatologia della vita quotidiana
an old book with many different faces and words on the cover, including men's heads
Scienza e Mondo Moderno
an image of two men with their faces painted black and white, in front of the words leoni su fondamententi della matentaicaa
Lezioni sui fondamenti di Matematica
a black and white photo with the words freud opere in front of it
Opere Vol. 12. Indici e bibliografie Sigmund Freud - Bollati Boringhieri