IL DINAMISMO DEI CONTRASTI - Villa contemporanea in montagna - Lombardia, Italy - 2011 - MAP ARCHITETTURA

Check Out 10 Cool Floating Staircase Designs. Floating staircases are usually very elegant, stylish and minimalist. They are perfect for modern interiors and for those people who like to live on the edge.

<3 this ceiling!! Link has '17 rooms for your inspiration' @ ShockBlast

Cetatuia Loft is a three-story modern loft by Ion Popusoi + Bogdan Preda, sited on Cetatuia Street, at the edge of the historical center of Brasov, Romania.

Don’t cut it down. I have a better idea

Don’t cut it down. I have a better idea…I like the preservation the glass casing does for the tree. also its a practical solution to the question of "what do we do with the tree part?" in the treehouse. keeps bugs away and it will rain, so.

Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright

Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright. Fallingwater or Kaufmann Residence is a house designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935 in rural southwestern Pennsylvania, 43 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.


The meeting room of Nykredit’s head office by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects. Credits by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects.

Weekend Cabin: Backyard House, Portland, Oregon

Little Backyard House {Great For A Studio or Guest House} or a nice place for mom to live when things get a little too crazy.