Caproni Ca.133 was a tri-engined transport/bomber aircraft used by the Fascist Italian Regia Aeronautica from the Second Italo-Abyssinian War until WWII. Originally developed as a civilian airliner and successor to the Ca.101, the Ca.133 prototype first flew in December 1934, and production began in 1935. The military versions of the aircraft were used as transports and light bombers and saw action on all fronts. A stretched transport version of the aircraft was produced as the Caproni…

Caproni Experts include it in the top twenty of piston bombers, mainly for the survivability of the machine.

Fiat BR.20 "Cicogna"

Fiat BR.20 "Cicogna"

Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-425-0338-16A, Flugzeuge Fiat G.50 und Messerschmitt Me 110 - Fiat G.50

[Photo] Italian Freccia fighter and German Bf 110 fighter of Zerstörergeschwader 26 in flight, North Africa, 1941

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