& octopus by Vane Blackwhale

Collaborative Class Project - Each student reinvents an alphabet letter or two as some kind of illusionary surreal object - suggested by the shape of the letter - image inspiration: octopus ampersand by Vane Blackwhale, via Behance

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Hands down the most intense oil rig tattoo ever seen. Oil Field trash proud This is awesome if it were pipeline instead!

Liam Sparkes

Guy with full body tattoos. Great traditional inks, plenty of coolest old school ideas on one body

My Hertsgard photographed by Henrik Adamsen

Menswear's Better Half: My Hertsgard Photographed by Henrik Adamsen

Red hair colour it?s one of the fastest-fading colours you can dye your hair. Luckily it isn?t too hard to keep your red colour vibrant, but you do need to pay attention to how you?re treating your red hair.


illustration ace of spades drawing painting outline black ink white playing cards boat kraken sea monster.


Check out Keyholding hand tattoo or other abstract chest tattoo designs that will blow your mind, tattoo ideas that will be your next inspiration.


Russian tattooist Andrey Svetov (known as SV.A) is consistent with his art style and black-ink-only technique.