Fork Ladies made from Kima Casas Bo's tutorial found in Summer 2011 Inspired Ideas (

cute kawaii mini fork and spoon doll making idea for kids or school art and craft from recycled wooden cutlery

Sarah: Day 5 *Kids will tape mesh behind Popsicle sticks...we would want to have someone prep the people cut outs. This day we will only have about 15 minutes in craft time...since its the last day and we will be having an ice cream social with families

Bible, Christian and Religious Sunday School Art and Craft Ideas for Kids for animals in water week

Popsicle Stick Puzzles Tutorial - these are actually fairly challenging.  My 3 year old is good at regular puzzles, but found these too hard.

FlipChick Designs: Popsicle Stick Puzzles Tutorial-add some magnets to the back and keep on fridge or in a tin for travel!

Craft Stick Snowman

Craft Stick Snowman - This snowman made out of craft sticks is super easy and fun for kids of all ages to make! Super cute and , fun for everyone.

Wood Spoons

Make quick and easy ornaments out of mini wooden ice cream sticks, tongue depressors or popsicle sticks. - Actually pretty cute compared to some other popsicle stick ornaments I've seen.