Car Parking Numbers Game- park the numbered cars in the corresponding parking spot.  Fun learning kids love!

A Car Parking Numbers Game to Make Learning Numbers FUN

A Car Parking Numbers Game to Make Learning Numbers FUN - numbered cars and parking spots. fun learning activity for preschoolers.

fine motor fun

how many cheerios can you stack in 30 seconds, etc. Use pink play dough and the pink yogurt cheerios to make this a Valentine's day school class party game

Lots of really cute, easy to pack Kids Hotel Games and activities. Great for family vacation and roadtrips.

DIY Kids Hotel Activity Pack

DIY Kids Hotel Activity Pack - Everything fits in a pencil case - Multi-use items that can keep kids entertained for hours in a hotel room *LIfe size games*

Didò fatto in casa

Didò fatto in casa con pochi ingredienti di uso comune.

Gorgeous from Etsy: Natural Toddler Bed Montessori Bed Crib sized by HighlandWood, $400.00

Natural Crib sized Montessori style Infants bed ( Please inquire for availability)

Giochi per bambini da fare in casa: creare bolle con una bottiglia di plastica

make water bottle bubbles for kids who can't quite blow bubbles yet. I used Fiji water bottles. Kids were amazed that round bubbles came from square bottles

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