Giuseppe Caricasole

Giuseppe Caricasole

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General Post Office Strike, London, 1971, Jane Bown.

BMW R1200C with sidecar The word car is in the descript... so it belonged on this board... or i could have put it in "my style" :)

Hidden Ten Gun Display

Smith & Wesson revolvers

Smith and Wesson Revolvers

Sig Sauer M11-A1 I have one. It's really the best gun I've owned

Knowledge Is Power People - Damn! LOL

Rifle and handgun calibers

Beretta Px4 Storm Type F Full Size .40 S Pistol

PX4 STORM COMPACT High performance, rotating barrel and high capacity in a compact design.The news Px4 Storm Compact pistol is sized between the Full Size and the SubCompact models.