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a red and black logo with the word solar q on it's left side
Oggi a @exposanita presentiamo Solari Q, App per ridurre il tempo di attesa in coda! Visita il…"
many people are standing in the train station with their luggage and waiting to get on
Solari departures boards at Milan railway station #milan #display #railway #station #milanocentral
people are standing in line at an airport
#solariudine arrivals and departures board, at Roma Termini Railway Station. #romatermini #roma
an empty subway train station with no passengers or people on the platform and electronic signage
#solariudine technology, for the 2nd Avenue Subway in #NYC! #solaridiudine #technology #tftdisplay
two people sitting in front of computer monitors with screens on them, and one person standing next to the monitor
#solariudine / the Company of The Time: time of a person, the time of a traveler and of a large
a train station with two trains on the tracks and an electronic sign in front of it
#workinprogress at Milan Railway Station! The #solariudine railway platform display. . . . . #wip
many people are walking through an airport terminal
Roma Termini Railway Station / #solariudine Public Transport Information System. #technology
an airport terminal sign with the time displayed on it's display board in front of a building
Trasformazione, Solari di Udine sceglie Juniper Networks
Trasformazione, Solari di Udine sceglie Juniper Networks - Solari di Udine, tra i player nel mercato dei sistemi di informazione al pubblico, ha adottato soluzioni Juniper per le attività di trasformazione digitale.