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two tickets with numbers on them sitting next to each other
“Views from today's tour for an Italian Writing class who will be helping to translate artifacts in…”
four different images of an electronic device with numbers on it, including the time and date
Could this be the very Cifra3 clock photographed in the Unimark International office in the 1960s? Maybe! The white plastic has browned from years of light exposure, use, and love. Designed by Gino Valle with Massimo Vignelli for Solari. From the Massimo and Lella Vignelli papers.
an orange and black clock with the time 11 11 on it's display panel
We're digitizing the 35mm slides from our Unimark International records. Here's a vintage image for the #Cifra3 clock, a collaborative project with #Solari, Gino #Valle and Massimo #Vignelli, circa 1964. 11:11! Make a wish!
an alarm clock with the time seven o'clock
COSEDICASAMIA - interior inspirations
cosedicasamia Mara Giamblanco
an alarm clock with two different numbers on the front and back sides showing twenty seven
Solari Clocks | Cifra 5, Cifra 12, Dator 5, Dator 10, Emera 5
1956 - Solari Cifra 5
people are standing in front of an airport information board
Solari lineadesign
twa terminal jfk
an airport sign is shown in black and white, with the numbers on it's sides
Let's celebrate the #liberationday in #bulgaria🇧🇬! In the picture, our #spliflapdisplay for #sofiaairport in 1968! #historicalarchive
a woman sitting at a desk with a keyboard and paper in front of her,
Tokyo airport 1969. Our old split flap display system, in Japan.
people are walking through an airport terminal with signs above them that say it's time to leave
Tokyo airport 1969. Our old split flap display system, in Japan.
black and white photograph of people waiting at an airport
Tokyo airport 1969. Our old split flap display system, in Japan.
two hands holding gold colored metal objects
Solari lineadesign
The "Compasso d'oro" Award, SOLARI DI UDINE SPA.
a person sitting at a table with some books and papers on it while writing something
Solari lineadesign
The Split Flap System, patented by Remigio Solari in the 50s. Developed by Gino Valle. Historical Picture, by Danilo D'Odorico for the Magazine Airport International.
an old document with writing on it
This year we celebrate the 55th Anniversary of our #compassodoro by @adiassodesign; Reward achieved in 1962 with the split-flap system patented by Remigio Solari, and developed by Gino Valle. In the picture, the letter - dated January 30th, 1963 in Milan - with the reason signed by the Jury. #award #solariudine #ginovalle #letter #design #splitflapdesign #adidesign #adidesignaward
a large scoreboard sitting on the side of a road next to a fenced in area
Today is #australiaday! 🇦🇺 We celebrate this special day with a picture of our #spliflapdisplay installed in 1968 at #brisbanerailwaystation! #Brisbane #australia #ourhistory #solariboard #flapboard #solariudine #january26
there are many signs in the airport that point to different destinations and directions on them
January 24, 1859 / Let's celebrate the Unification Day in Romania 🇷🇴 In the pictures, our split-flap display for Bucharest Airport, in 1969. #splitflapdisplay #solariudine #bucharestairport #ourhistory